Ultima Sheet Vinyl

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Color Line

UL001 Hampton Crossing Multi Bleached Clay
UL002 Hampton Crossing Multi Golden Stone
UL003 Hampton Crossing Multi Gray Bluestone
UL012 Natural Plank Light Maple
UL014 Natural Plank Weathered Gunstock
UL015 Natural Plank Deep Fruitwood
UL020 Durango Whitestone
UL021 Durango Light Taupestone
UL022 Durango Goldenstone
UL025 Durango Sandstone
UL060 Charisma NuBeige
UL062 Charisma Multi Sage
UL070 Destiny Earthen Clay
UL072 Destiny Golden Tone
UL074 Destiny White Putty
UL080 Atrium Walk Stone Terra Cotta
UL081 Atrium Walk Stone Green
UL110 Random Paver Plummit Stone
UL111 Random Paver Sandstone-Sage-Amber
UL112 Random Paver Moss-Sage-Aspen
UL113 Random Paver Multi Bleached Clays
UL114 Random Paver Light Blush Stone
UL122 Windscape Gray-Greige
UL124 Windscape Bleached Clay-Putty
UL160 Brazilian Slate Dark Opal Green
UL162 Brazilian Slate Opal Gold
UL163 Brazilian Slate Opal Greige
UL164 Brazilian Slate Opal Bisque
UL165 Brazilian Slate Opal White
UL180 Autumn Mist Earthen Teal
UL181 Autumn Mist Earthen Brown
UL183 Autumn Mist Earthen White
UL184 Autumn Mist Earthen Green
UL201 Mohave Paver Bleached Taupe
UL202 Mohave Paver Bleached Clay
UL210 Sonoma Straw-Beige
UL211 Sonoma Bisque-Blue
UL212 Sonoma Wheat
UL213 Sonoma Clay-Beige
UL230 Pebble Creek Multi Stoned White
UL231 Pebble Creek Multi Stoned Bisque
UL232 Pebble Creek Multi Stoned Putty
UL233 Pebble Creek Multi Stoned Terra Cotta
UL250 Sahara Warm Taupestone
UL251 Sahara Light Brownstone
UL252 Sahara Soft Claystone
Ul253 Sahara Pale Bluestone
UL254 Sahara Slate Graystone
UL256 Sahara Golden Terrastone
UL260 Brookside White Shale Multi
UL261 Brookside Bisque Shale Multi
UL262 Brookside Blue Shale Multi
UL263 Brookside Sage Shale Multi
UL264 Brookside Terra Shale Multi
UL280 Montego Slate Light Bisque Slate
UL281 Montego Slate Bleached Greige Slate
UL282 Montego Slate Soft Yellow Slate
UL283 Montego Slate Sun-Sage Slate
UL284 Montego Slate Amber Slate
UL285 Montego Slate Brown Slate
UL290 Laguna Maple Natural Maple
UL291 Laguna Maple Clear Maple
UL292 Laguna Maple Country Maple
UL293 Laguna Maple Deep Maple
UL300 SoHo Slate Soft White
UL301 SoHo Slate Cameo Beige
UL302 SoHo Slate Pumice Gray
UL303 SoHo Slate Mixed Taupe
UL304 SoHo Slate Gentle Taupe
UL305 SoHo Slate Earthen Brown
UL310 Piazza Sicilian White
UL311 Piazza Soft Sienna
UL312 Piazza Tuscan Gold
UL313 Piazza Milano Beige
UL314 Piazza Venetian Lagoon
UL315 Piazza Roman Latte
Color Group Dark Neutral
Color Group Light Neutral
Color Group Red, Yellow, Orange
Color Group White, Off White
Design Style Contemporary
Design Style Country
Design Style Eclectic
Design Style Traditional
Features BAC STOP Protection Guards Against Product Discoloration from Mold, Mildew and Alkali
Features Easy Care
Features Excellent Resistance to Scuffing and Scratching
Features Patented Nylon and Aluminum Oxide Reinforced Surface
Features ULTRASHIELD Wearlayer for Unmatched Durability
Installation Method YOUR CHOICE Installation
Look Tile
Look Woodgrain
Rooms Bathrooms
Rooms Entry Ways
Rooms Kitchens
Rooms Living Areas
Rooms Other
Type Sheet
Usage Residential
Vinyl Category Residential Sheet
Warranties Five-Star Lifelong Limited Warranty
Wear Surface Urethane
Width(ft) 12